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June 23rd, 2016

We Are Viewpoint Group

At Viewpoint Group we are diverse in who we are and what we do, and we strive to be evidence-based in all of our undertakings. Our blog will follow suit, providing original content that falls under our core business areas: Advanced Leadership, Philanthropy, and Investment Management. The areas of organizational behavior, leadership, and financial analysis will be explored, along with details about any upcoming philanthropic projects in and around Calgary that Viewpoint is involved in.

To provide you with some background and context of our organization, Viewpoint’s founders, the Van Wielingen family, have been involved with the local community through innovative projects ranging from encouraging best business practices through the development of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL), to inspiring the artistic side of the community by supporting and becoming part of the National Music Centre.

Our aim with this blog, as well as with our upcoming subscribed publication “Sagacious”, is to bridge the gap that is currently found all too often between academic and practical circles. It is our hope that we are able to provide you with lessons and tools that are applicable as well as useful in your area of study or work.

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