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Our founder, Mac Van Wielingen, was inspired to create a family enterprise...

whose main purpose was to professionally manage the family’s capital for the betterment of future generations and the community. Viewpoint Group was established in 1998 with two part-time employees to provide basic financial and wealth management services to the Van Wielingen family.

We have evolved into a team of committed professionals who provide personal, wealth management and philanthropic services to three generations of the Van Wielingen family. We have created an environment where people thrive and flourish: a place where every team member is valued and is continually striving for excellence, where all employees are innovative, bold, thoughtful and curious. We aspire to create positive and sustainable change in the organizations and communities we engage with.

We have fun. We celebrate. We care.

Founder's Message

Viewpoint represents the confluence of three major commitments.

The first relates to a strongly held respect for the formation of capital. This is based on the recognition that the creation of capital, our capital as a family, and all capital within society is the product of unique and often unreplicable combinations of initiative, ingenuity and leadership. We are all better off if our savings, the accumulated surpluses after all expenses, are managed responsibly based on deep knowledge and expertise, and with the highest level of accountability and ethics.

Secondly, as a family we are committed to actively participating within our community for the betterment of all concerned. This means donating to certain worthy philanthropic causes, but more importantly to combine our financial resources, knowledge, expertise and attention to encourage transformational change within the organizations that we are supporting. Again, initiative, ingenuity and leadership are the principles we embrace in our philanthropic commitments. We want to support organizations who demonstrate exceptional levels of initiative, who are smart and who are comfortable in the spotlight of leading change.

The third area of commitment relates to leadership itself. This area of focus is drawn from our commitment to both business and philanthropic leadership. We direct resources towards the advancement of leadership as a unique and highly important body of knowledge. The purpose is to educate and facilitate more advanced understandings of the fundamentals of leadership to benefit both the quality of human experience and the effective allocation of society's resources.

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