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The mandate of Viewpoint Investment Partners Corp. (VIPCo) is to act as long-term custodians of capital on behalf of our partners and to manage capital with the highest degree of professional stewardship.

Our flagship Viewpoint Global Fund L.P. "the Fund" is a foundational, global, evidence-based investment alternative for high-net worth families and institutional investors. 

Our mission is to be catalysts of change in the investment management industry by providing a low-cost global solution that delivers active value where it counts.


Viewpoint portfolios are managed according to the following core strategic principles, and all decisions are made in this context:


1. Employ a long-term, disciplined, rules-based investment strategy

2. Harvest the low-cost, low-hanging fruit

3. Be active where it counts


Mac Van Wielingen chairs a deeply experienced investment committee of highly successful investors, investment professionals and entrepreneurs.

The role of the committee is strategy development, strategy execution, research review and performance measurement, in addition to ensuring that management is implementing the strategy as outlined.

Our Team